Napa Farms Market

Upscale Marketplace Terminal 2 SFO


Today’s savvy traveler demands higher quality, authentic food experiences. We are a specialty restaurant operator that successfully brings local chefs and food concepts to life in today’s airports.


We bring to terminals some of the top restaurants, bars and chef concepts that a community has to offer and replicate its authentic experience for the traveler.


Modern travel can be often times hectic and stressful. Our restaurants put travelers at ease because they know that a fresh, delicious meal is available right next to their gate.

Icon Our restaurants generate some of the highest sales per square foot performance in airports today.

Icon Our company's emphasis on people first creates long-term employee satisfaction, high staff retention rates and a restaurant filled with pride.

Icon Our commitment to sustainability, from design to operations helps airports reduce waste and energy.

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“The food is undeniably irresistible and fresh. It would be a treat to have a layover here if you have one!

Ryan D., San Leandro, CA, Yelp 2017